1. Group/club nominations to be registered with PPHS by Wednesday 24th February 2021.
  2. Tipper nomination and forms & tipper cards (entire season tipping) must be submitted by Tuesday 16th March 2021 to PPHS by the nominated group/club.
  3. In the event the season fixture changes, the games that have been played will go toward your tally. Upon the competition resuming, the round/games played will be added to your tally as per your card picks. Finals are NOT included however in the case of tipper draws, the first final will be used as a ‘play-off’ between the drawn tippers. These tippers will be notified and asked for their tip and a margin.
  4. A leader board will appear on the PPHS facebook page and in each week’s edition of Naracoorte Community News – grab a copy each Wednesday Morning!
  5. If you don’t wish to nominate a group/club, you can still contact PPHS to become an individual participant. Your entry fee will be donated to a charity or cause selected by PPHS.
  6. A minimum of 10 tippers per group/club – a guaranteed $500 with no up-front fees and no prize money to pay out!!